Awakenings – The Dawn of the mainstream EV

by Freeman Lowell

I remember the first time i watched who killed the electric car, i was absolutely astounded. History from less than 2 decades ago within my lifetime that i had no awareness about.

Equally the frustration that the technology was there at that time to produced efficient and reliable electric vehicle and it was quashed for the sake of greed. Who know where we could have been now if the development had continued since then.

Thankfully we have visionaries such as Elon Musk now leading the way with Tesla and the the major manufacturers are beginning to follow suit, Nissan has shown that this is a viable option for all the dinosaurs in the room.

We cannot continue churning out the same century old technology again and again, no matter how fuel efficient and lower emissions they are becoming internal combustion engines rely on a depleting and finite resource.

Electricity can be produced in many clean and environmentally friendly ways, all of which are evolving at a huge pace. I believe with the advances in battery technology EV’s could also solve the issue of storage of renewable energy. Imagine the possibility of storing the surplus energy from your home solar panels in your vehicle when it is not in use.

In a decade from now i hope we will begin viewing petrol and diesel vehicles as something that is fast becoming obsolete and incredibly out of fashion, due to all the benefits EV’s are giving us.

However i must admit being a sucker for the throaty roar of a performance race car i hope that some will remain as a niche, (but no doubt incredibly expensive due to rising fuel costs) hobbyist pursuit.

We can all remain a car loving society as long as the cars are loving our environment back.

Your Sincerely

Freeman Lowell